Established in 1963, AGRANA core expertise in fruit and fruit technology has earned us a position as international market leader.

By acquiring established global leaders Atys, Steirerobst, Wink, Vallo Saft and DSF-- the Austrian AGRANA Group created a company with remarkable product and market expertise around the world.

In the Company's Fruit segment, the major operating sector is fruit preparations for the fresh chilled dairy market and AGRANA is a premier supplier to the leading international and domestic brands. AGRANA's intention is to continue to successfully extend its geographic coverage to establish a presence in new countries through export development, acquisitions, joint ventures and / or grass root investments.

In the years to come AGRANA is committed to the development and supply of products which contribute to health nutrition, directing its resources not only to the dairy market but also the bakery, ice cream, confectionary, frozen desserts, fruit beverage and food service markets.

In conclusion, with the guidance of clear ethical principles shared by all AGRANA employees, who in particular are aimed at treating with the highest respect its suppliers, its customer and the final consumer, the top priorities of AGRANA are:

  • Food Safety and Quality with traceability from the field to the end product.
  • Innovation, in order to conceive tailored-made products, which are at the cutting edge of international market trends and to follow the increasingly important attrition rate of our customer's products.
  • Global Procurement and management of common materials, leveraging commercial benefits and the highest levels of quality control, with an emphasis on "faster than market" growth in fruit preparations and fruit juices.
  • Cost Competitiveness, in order to make our customers successful in the market place, through optimizing the value of money.
  • Key milestones:


    AGRANA Fruit US began operations as Ramsey Laboratories in Cleveland, Ohio. Primary business activities included expert consulting services to the dairy industry and the manufacturing of fruit preparations for the frozen desserts market.

    1978Ramsey Laboratories was acquired by a Belgian group, SIAS-MPA.
    1982Four years later the company formally became a member of the Pernod-Ricard Group.
    1985Based on key market indicators including the rapid growth of the cup yogurt market in the United States due to its popularity with consumers as a health food, Ramsey initiated its first expansion phase with the construction of a fruit preparation plant in Fort Worth, Texas.
    1988Committed to technical leadership Ramsey acquired Ingredients Systems Division and increased production capacity through the addition of a new facility in Botkins, Ohio.
    1994In order to meet the fast growing demand for fruit in dairy and frozen dessert applications the Botkins, Ohio plant was more than doubled in size. This milestone firmly established Ramsey as the leading supplier of fruit preparations in the United States.  During this rapid growth period Pernod-Ricard sold their fruit preparation group to a venture capitalist resulting in a new company – Atys US, Inc
    2004The Centerville, Tennessee plant opened to meet the ever increasing demands of the North American Yogurt Industry.
    2005Atys US, Inc. became a part of AGRANA Beteiligungs-AG as Agrana Fruit US, Inc.
    2014The meteoric rise of the Greek yogurt segment in the United States reshaped the category; it was during this time that expansion plans were put in place.  Agrana Fruit US opened its fourth fruit preparation plant in Lysander, New York; a state-of-the-art, LEED qualified manufacturing facility. As a result of our industry leading NPD group, technical services expertise, effective cost strategies for our customers, market insights and top-of-mind customer service Agrana Fruit is the market leader in the United States.